Trousers/Jeans $14.30 
Jacket – Men's $14.85 
Jacket – Women's $14.85 
Suit (2 pce) – Men's $29.70 
Suit (2 pce) – Women's $29.70
Waistcoat $10.15
Hat/Cap $5.75
Stole/Shawl $11.55
Long Knitwear $15.65
Bulky Knitwear $16.75
Cardigan $11.90
Jersey $11.90
Ball Gown $44.75
Wedding Dress $198.00
Cocktail Dress $38.15
Evening Dress $27.75
Dinner Jacket $16.35
Sleeveless Jacket $14.90
Overcoat $25.20 
Coat (3/4 length) $19.80 
Raincoat $22.00
Windbreaker $22.00
Shirt/Top $10.00
Blouse $11.90 
Scarf $8.80 
Tie $6.00 
Skirt (standard) $14.30 
Skirt (fancy) $17.50
Skirt (up to 6 pleats) $17.05
Skirt (6-15 pleats) $20.80
Dress $21.90
Dress (up to 6 pleats) $27.99
Dress (6-15 pleats) $28.40
Dress (sunray pleats) $27.80  
Padded/Ski Jacket $27.50 
Bulky Jacket $17.30 
Swandri $16.50
Dressing Gown & Belt $18.10

Alterations - Contact Us For Pricing

All Prices Include GST

All delicate, beaded and silk garments will automatically be processed through our 'Care Service' for optimal results. Garments with pet hair will contain a delinting surcharge for health and safety purposes. Press only is 25% less than the drycleaning price. More time is needed for garments requiring alterations. Prices may vary depending on fabrics, colours, condition and stains.

Never iron a soiled item of clothing. Try not to let perfume and hairspray come into contact with your clothes. Perspiration stains, if left, can permanently discolour and weaken fabric. Never rub a stain out of silk – just blot it. Home remedies can damage your clothes. Don’t hang white fabrics in the sun as this can cause them to turn yellow. Store your clothes in a dry and well-ventilated area. Never store clothes in their plastic covers and, above all… Read washing and drycleaning labels carefully.


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